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MF TeknoMW3 Dedicated Server 1.4.0/Mw3launcher

MF TeknoMW3 Dedicated Server 1.4.0/Mw3launcher

Messages : 100000
Lieu : Nowhere

MultiPlayer window:

Settings dialoge:

Some notes

Mw3launcher is unofficially based on TeknoMW3
Go to Teknogods WebSite:http://teknogods.com
Developer: pingsft@gmail.com - pooya parsa
+Thanks to:
Wmonte for dedicated server config tool

Chnage log:

Mw3launcher.ini file changed to original teknogods.ini
Teknogods added to title
SpecialOps moved to Multiplayer page
Update problems fixed
Mcheat added to tools(Exe is nut included)
Quick start button added
Version fixed!
Admin permission removed
Update exe seprates from main exe
Backup files go to a directory
users can set external ip in settings
+Lots of improvments made...(!)
version 2.5:
Background changed
Offline mode added
Offline installer released
Now compiled under dotnet framework 2.0
Some bugs fixed
Installer dosent adds gui icon to desktop

Advanced Dedicated Server Starter/Editor/Statistics v1.4.0

Hi guys i made a tool to make easier setting and load a dedicated server via

TeknoGods Loader and will like to share it with you.
This tool is coded on Visual Basic 6 so you maybe need the run-time files to

successfully run it, if you don't have them simple google it

-Setting and run dedicated server using TeknoGods Loader.
-Advanced map-list (dspl) file editor.
-Advanced gametype (dsr) file editor.
-Complete Server statistics.
-Out-game serverlist.
-You can hide and use console via that tool so no need to take place on your

-Auto find and load any existing maps from <game>zoneenglish folder (for new maps

keeps file name).
-Auto find and load any existing server files (cfg).
-Auto find and load any maplist profiles (dspl).
-Auto find and load any gametype profiles (dsr).
-Save and load any settings you made.
-Randomize ID in teknogods.ini before Start (LAN/Online) to avoid conflicts.

-Your selected server config file will load at start and tool settings after, so

any changes you made on that tool will overwrite cfg ones.
-If you miss any file that needed for program to run simple google it and place it

into program folder or %windir%system32 folder or use the setup version.
-Where you see that format 17/18 [1] meants that there is 17 of 18 total players

connected on server and 1 trying to connect.
-On server list Players 111(120) format means that 111 players are connected and

play and there is in total 120 included those who are trying to connect.
-Double click on Server list to check server details.
-Fix For StackHash error on Windows:
by hOlyYyNs
1. Open Control Panel
2. Go to "System"

- Disabled folder check
- Stability fixes
2.7.0 *final release*
- Master server moved to an official host
- Minor security tweaks
5b6ce7a707774c6ab766a3b9d41a92de *ReadMe.txt
c0cced948050b991e77d8c4b4441d662 *TeknoMW3.dll
22e79a38cfba1fe6f0997d4f5e70a051 *TeknoMW3.exe
593f7e0a32246469ab8ef9c93aad1ebc *TeknoMW3_dedicated.exe
Questions and Answers (Q&A):
Q: I'm running a 2.6.x server/client, should I update?
A: Yes, upgrade to 2.7 is mandatory. You need to update to this version in order to

make your server visible to others and to see the servers in the game

(History/Favorite lists remain unchanged).
Q: Can I continue using 2.6.x beta version?
A: The old master server (2.6x and below) will be shut down today. You won't be

able to see any games with the old version.
Q: I can't run the game! It says my game is not legitimate
A: Seems like you're using a ******* version or you did something wrong. Please

install the game again using Steam.
Q: Okay you got me - I was using a ******* version - what can I do now?
A: Buy the game! Granted, you might be living in some country where the Internet

connection is a problem, but the game is only 19,99 at intkeys.com. After the

purchase you're all set to use our mod offline (LAN party for example).
Q: Will you continue the development after the v2.7.0.0?
A: Time will tell. Currently we are evaluating if it's worth our time. It's our

hobby - don't forget that. Our original goals have been met - The game works

offline/on LAN. That's enough for now.
Q: Have you heard about AlterIW guys?
A: Yes. We wish them good luck - their MW2 MOD is awesome. We currently we have no

further comments on that.
Q: I've donated and now you released the final version and I can't play!
A: We are sorry to hear that. We've received very few donations overall. Another

thing, and we've been saying it since the day one: we're against piracy - our MOD

will only work with the original game.
Q: I want to play on official servers, but they require 1.5 version - Then I can't

switch back to TeknoMW3 because it requires 1.4 version?
A: That is correct - for now we're not supporting versions over 1.4.382. You should

create a copy of your 1.4.382 game folder (from Steamsteamappscommon) before

updating to 1.5+. This way you can connect to official servers anytime and use

TeknoMW3 as usual.
3. In the left panel, select "Advanced System Settings" from the available links
4. You should now see the System Properties Window, which will have three sections.
The top section is labeled "Performance" and has a "Settings" button. Click

this button.
5. Select the "Data Execution Prevention" tab.
6. Select the option which reads "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except

those I select"
7. Use the "Browse" button to locate the executable file for the application you

were trying to
start when you received the StackHash error, and click Open to add it to your

exceptions list.
8. Click Apply or OK to commit your changes.

Version History:
-Added: Now supported multi-instances of program.
-Added: Out-game Server List.
-Fixed: Ctrl+C,Ctrl+V,Ctrl+X on ip and port boxes now work.
-Fixed: Bug that change NetworkInterface before Start Online/LAN.
-Minor fixes.

-Fix: Now load NetWorkInferfaces from NetworkInterfaceList if there is any (need to

run at least one time official TeknoMW3 Launcher).
-Fix: Bug when "start hidden" option is disabled.
-Added: On "Server Status" tab there is 1 new tab "Local Server" with settings for

local server like logging player status table to playerslog.txt file, player rcon

-Added: Right-click menu on players list (when status comes from local server) with

kick,ban,temp ban,dump user.
-Added: Spanish folder on check.

-Added: Auto-detect other languages folders and take first available,
atm only english and russian added (post your folder name to be added like

-Added: Auto-start server when use command-line parameter " -autostart".
-Added: "Start hidden" on console options.
-Additional changes, when program is not minimized and close it if server running

will bring it to front else popup menu on tray icon will add option "exit and close


-Improve: Interface a bit.
-Added: Start/Stop server.
-Fix: Crush when server doesn't return stats.
-Minor fixes.

-Added: Server status tab.
-Added: Network Interface selection (edit teknogods.ini)
-Fixed: Now "Start (LAN/Online)" search for MW3Launcher.exe instant of Mw3Luncher


-Added: Support for pingsft's quick launcher, Mw3Luncher Quick.exe will use it if

exists to run "Start (LAN/Online)" option.
-Added: Full server ports config.
-Minor fixes.

-Updated: Dsr Editor now loads each gametype settings.

-Fixed Bug: When cancel color selection program crush.
-Added: Delete button on maplist files.
-Added: Auto find and load any gametype profiles (dsr).
-Added: Gametype (Dsr) files editor.
-Other minor fixes.

-Fixed: load of console font color.
-Fixed: Now dont alow multi-Instances to run.
-Added: Keeps history of 10 last commands sended to console.
-Added: Now minimize to icon tray.
-Added: Option to Randomize ID in teknogods.ini before Start (LAN/Online).

-Added: Console control from tool.

Thanks wmonte75 for most ideas.


[large]pardonnez moi pour la sujet en anglais[/large]
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